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Full text of "One Hundred Fifty Second Commencement June 7, 1998 Savannah State University"

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i§>atiamtal) i£>tate fHmbersittp 
^abannal), (Georgia 

Wfie ®ut Jlunbreb Jf tftp i£>econb 


Hux et Veritas! 

June ^ebentl) 
jSineteen Itonfcrreb anfc jBmetj>-€tgf)t 

tKtoo (0'Clock p.m. 

£§>atoamta|) Ctbtc Center 

Br. jffllartm HutJjer lUng, 3Tr. &rena 

<0rber of iProcesteton 

The Chief Marshal 

The Class Marshals 

Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degree 

Candidates for Masters Degree 

Faculty Emeriti 

The Faculty 

The President 

Donated to S5U Archives 

by Sheri Saleem Scott 

upon her Retirement on July 1, 2011 

The academic regalia, the academic processional, and the ceremonial 
programs are part of an ancient tradition of learning. This tradition is a unified, 
solemn occasion at which only applause is appropriate. 

The audience is asked to refrain from any other form Of expression and 
to reserve celebrations until the program is concluded. 

0xhtx of H>ertrice 

Dr. Carlton E. Brown, President 

PRELUDE The Pilgrims Chorus" - Wagner 

Mr. James Thompson, Jr., Organist 

♦ACADEMIC PROCESSION "War March of the Priests" ..Mendelssohn 

Mr. James Thompson, Jr., Organist 

INVOCATION Reverend Thurmond N. Tillman 

Pastor. First African Baptist Church 

SELECTION "Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Round"... Lena McLin 

Savannah State University Concert Choir 
Mr. Willie E. Jackson, Director... Mr. Jerome Glover, Accompanist 



Advisory Board Chair, The President's Initiative on Race 

SELECTION "Great Day".... Marvin Curtis 

Savannah State University Concert Choir 


Richard R. Wright Award Dr. Jimmie C. Jackson 

Cyrus G. Wiley Award Attorney & Mrs. John Clark (Mary) 

President's Award Mr. Leonard Jenkins 



Vice President for Academic Affairs 




Assisted by Dr. Joseph H. Silver, Sr., Mrs. Teria Sheffield, Interim Registrar 

and Dr. Robert L. Stevenson 


Vice President for Academic Affairs 


College of Business Administration Dr. Jan Jankowski 

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Dr. George N. Williams 

College of Sciences and Technology. Dr. Charlesworth Martin 


Assisted by Academic Deans, Mrs. Teria Sheffield, Interim Registrar and 

Dr. Robert L. Stevenson 


SCHOLAR Dr. Joseph H. Silver, Sr. 

ALUMNI INDUCTION Mr. John Brown, President 

Savannah State University National Alumni Association 






Reading the Commissioning Document Dr. George N. Williams 

Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty 
Representative to NROTC 

Administering the Oath of Office N.R.O.TC Commander Welch Fair 

Administering the Oath of Office A.R.O.T.C Captain Zane Jones 

BENEDICTION Reverend Thurmond N. Tillman 

*Alma Mater - Savannah State College Hymn 

**RECESSIONAL "Pomp and Circumstance" ... Sir Edward Elgar 

Mr. James Thompson, Jr., Organist 

Savannah State College Hymn 

J. Randolph Fischer and Hillary Hatchett 

Let us give thanks and praise to The 

To our Alma Mater, S.S.C. 

Thine honor, pride, and eminence, 

We raise in prayerful reverence. 

Guide us still from day to day, 

Be Thou mindful lest we lose our way; 

Help us know that life, short or long, 

Means unceasing work for weak and strong. 


Where Savannah meets the sea, 

Where grassy plains and palms abound, 

Where the Flow'rs are gems of loveliness, 

There S.S.C. is found. 
We adore each beauteous scene and hall, 

Our all we pledge to Thee! 

In our hearts we'll build a shrine for Thee 

We hail Thee, S.S.C.! 

* The audience is requested to stand. 

** The audience is requested to remain seated until the recession has 

USHERS - N.R.O.TC. Midshipmen 

iWasfter'sf ©egree Conferreb 


jffflatfter of iPubltc gi&mtntetratton 

Ailerua A. Newsome Crawford Savannah State University 

Raphael Lionel Eastman University of Liberia 

Heather Elizabeth Hallows University of Vermont 

Audrey Adrienne Harris Savannah State University 

Philip Andrew Jackson Savannah State University 

Toney Jordan Savannah State University 

Tom Lamar Savannah State University 

Sherri Len Marlowe Savannah State University 

DeWayne Trevor Mincey. South Carolina State University 

Franklin McCrary, Jr. University of Georgia 

Ramon Jarrod Ray. Savannah State University 

Hope Williams-Jones Mercer University 

iWatfter of foetal Work 

Deborah Nalene Anderson Savannah State University 

Nicole Suzette Ansley. Savannah State University 

Robin Baker Dickson Brenau College 

Susan Elaine Kelly Epperson Savannah State University 

Jerri L Frost Georgia Southern University 

Joyce Vidette Gibbs-Ham University of North Carolina 

Martin David Gray. Barber-Scotia College 

Gregory Bernard Jaudon Georgia Southern University 

Jesse Christopher Knowles University of Georgia 

Theresa Dawn Liles Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Ophelia Kennedy Mcintosh Albany State University 

Jeannette Pastrana Fordham University 

Sylvestine Verlyn Payne Savannah State University 

Lori Anne Shindell Savannah State University 

Brenda Lee Simmons Savannah State University 

paccalaureate degrees! Conferreb 


***! Maria Vanessa Alfaro-Sutlive Savannah, Georgia 

Calvin Bernard Barkster Sandersville, Georgia 

*** Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 


Deborah Williams Bellinger Savannah, Georgia 

Bemadette Regenia Bryant Savannah, Georgia 

Willie J. Burns West Dayton, Ohio 

Julian Preston Edwards Savannah, Georgia 

**Elizabeth Mclntyre Fitzgerald Savannah, Georgia 

***Sharlene N. Gardiner Turks & Caicos Island, B.W.I. 

Kimberly Denise Grant Savannah, Georgia 

Danny Lee Lamonte Statesboro, Georgia 

Maurena Denise Mayor Savannah, Georgia 

**Nikita Nanalta Pearson Thomson, Georgia 

Melba Laraine Rickerson Savannah, Georgia 

**Kristin Alain Schmid Savannah, Georgia 

Tanya Nycole Vance Decatur, Georgia 

*Deirdre Natasha Vernon Newark, New Jersey 

Leon Harvey Williams Savannah, Georgia 

Computer information i£>p$tem£ 

Felicia Shonte' Anderson Dublin, Georgia 

Mark Fredrick Bussey. Augusta, Georgia 

Monica Ellen Davis Miami, Florida 

April Denise Drayton Savannah, Georgia 

Christy Sawa Eichelberger Savannah, Georgia 

Karen Lonora Green Savannah, Georgia 

Crystal Nicole Jones Savannah, Georgia 

Karen Melissa Ladson Georgetown , South Carolina 

Sterling Anthony Whitaker McCollum Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Lisa Monique Singleton Savannah, Georgia 

Theodore Charles Vrens, Jr Savannah, Georgia 

Anthony Charles Wilcox McRae, Georgia 


BryonR. Bright Savannah, Georgia 

^Cheryl Wesley Cato Savannah, Georgia 

Palma Swinston Davis Savannah, Georgia 

Lynell Favors, Jr Athens, Georgia 

Sabrina Shenell Gadson Savannah, Georgia 

**Anthony Jerome Goethe Rincon, Georgia 

Marlon Brandon Golson Atlanta, Georgia 

**Jocelyn Vanessa Hamilton Savannah, Georgia 

Wanda Denise Hill Savannah, Georgia 

Carol Lenore Hundley Savannah, Georgia 

Tolejala Latrelle Keel Savannah, Georgia 

Brian Andre Marcus Jesup, Georgia 

**Joey S. Martin Savannah, Georgia 

SheenaAngeliqueMcCaleb Savannah, Georgia 

*** Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 




Chiquita G. Myers-Powell Savannah, Georgia 

Tawana Lamesha Penn East Point, Georgia 

Martinez T. Roberts Flovilla, Georgia 

Wayne Everett Roberts Guyton, Georgia 

Kathleen Regina Sanders-Wilson Savannah, Georgia 

***Robert John Skiljan Savannah, Georgia 

Debra Watts Smoak Richmond Hill, Georgia 

Sanatta Danae Stanley Savannah, Georgia 

Edward Joseph Stewart Savannah, Georgia 

Tiffany Rhonda Thomas Savannah, Georgia 

Taiwana Richards Thompson Savannah, Georgia 

Harold Newton Washington Savannah, Georgia 

*Anitra Ellene Williams Savannah, Georgia 

Cornell Williams, Jr Jesup, Georgia 


Trevor McMann Adams Augusta, Georgia 

Michelle Antoinette Allen Savannah, Georgia 

Teri Marie Bynes Savannah, Georgia 

John Robert Cason Savannah, Georgia 

Jainell Martina Corbitt Riverdale, Georgia 

Maisha Rochelle Cutter Pembroke, Georgia 

Nicheole Denise Davis Riceboro, Georgia 

Strather B. Dupree Savannah, Georgia 

Lawrence Edwards Savannah, Georgia 

Shantia Monique Ferguson Anchorage, Alaska 

Kimerly Michelle Gaskin Greenwood, South Carolina 

John Williams Goodwin, III Union City, Georgia 

Kimberly Canice Herrington Savannah, Georgia 

Michelle Latrelle Nevels-Miller. Savannah, Georgia 

Nakisha J'Nai Scott Savannah, Georgia 

Emma Theresa Simmons Savannah, Georgia 

Kerry Mercedes Stanford Savannah, Georgia 

Syteria Arlene Townsend Augusta, Gerogia 

Rhoda Lavonne Walker Savannah, Georgia 

Dwain Anthony Whitehead Savannah, Georgia 

Vera Cherelyn Young Savannah, Georgia 

Accounting anb Computer Information interna 

*Tracie Louise Singleton Savannah, Georgia 

Accounting anb jftlanagement 
Betsy Demetria Henry Savannah, Georgia 

*** Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 

accounting anb jffllarketing 

LaTonia Evette James Savannah, Georgia 

Barthonla Antione Pinckney Augusta, Georgia 

Computer information intern* anb jffllarketing 

Waishana Larrie Rivers Garden City, Georgia 


Cnglitfl), Hanguage anb literature 

*Jacqueline Lynette Bowen Augusta, Georgia 

Valdie Christopher St. Croix, Virgin Island 

Tiffany Jenene Hazel Savannah, Georgia 

IBeverly Curtis Lawton Savannah, Georgia 

Donyelle Jermaine Manigo Garden City, Georgia 

Darrell Lowell Simmons Savannah, Georgia 

*Teoma Sapp Thomas Savannah, Georgia 

*Vanessa E. Wallace-Lonon Savannah, Georgia 

Vanessa Denise Williams Wrightsville, Georgia 

jdlag* Communication* 

Sylvia Anetra Barnes Savannah, Georgia 

Tijuana Shantrel Brewer... Greenville, Georgia 

TaQuita Latasha Brown Savannah, Georgia 

**Patricia Ann Carey. Savannah, Georgia 

Travis Cornell Dent Tignall, Georgia 

Brandon C. Foye Savannah, Georgia 

Anthony Kerone Fulton Brunswick, Georgia 

Michael S. Gaither, Jr Savannah, Georgia 

Tedra Vonetta Henley. Griffin, Georgia 

Markeith Leonard Maxwell Savannah, Georgia 

**Seleta Danyette Owens Brunswick, Georgia 

Clarence C. Stinson, Jr Macon, Georgia 

Jane Waithera Nairobi, Kenya 

Lisa Renee' Webb Albany, Georgia 



Villie Jones Savannah, Georgia 

*** Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 

Richard R. Wright Award 



Dr. Jimmie Jackson is a native or Haynesvilie, Georgia. She received the 
B.S. Degree from Savannah State in 1959 with majors in mathematics, 
physics, and the general sciences program. Dr. Jackson has made many 
noteworthy contributions in education. Highlights or her career include: 
design and development or one or the first successful teaching centers in 
the nation, Dial-A-Teacher Homework Hotline; assistance with 
development of the Martha Winston Educational Center. She continues 
to develop, present and facilitate training activities across the country. 
Dr. Jackson served as the first female president of the Washington 
Teachers' Union, Local 6 of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL- 
CIO. Dr. Jackson is a Life Memher and past three-term president of 
Savannah State University National Alumni Association where she 
masterfully championed many causes that will be long noted in SSU's 
history. She maintains four scholarships at SSU named in memory of 
her parents, Jimmy and Inez Thomas Colson and secured support from 
the Woodhome Foundation for recruiting qualified students to SSU with 
scholarship assistance through the "Second Chance Award". A memher 
of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., she has been Anti-Basileus, 
Basileus, and Trustee and Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, 
National Education Fund. Dr. Jackson was recently honored with the 
Tribute to Working Women Award for her commitment to education and 

Cyrus G. V 

^ary Morrison Clark 

Mary Morrison Clark, Elbert County native, graduated in 1974 from 
Savannah State with a degree in Home Economics - Textiles & Clothing 
and went on to earn an M.S. in Early Childhood Education rrom Brenau 
University. Mrs. Clark is a third grade school teacher at Bowman 
Elementary School in Elhert County. She is a memher or the Georgia 
Association or Educators (GAE) and is the current president or the Elhert 
County Chapter (GAE/ECAE). Clark holds lire memherships in the 
National Educational Association, Savannah State University National 
Alumni Association (SSUNAA) and the NAACP. As rounder and co- 
chair or the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance Day Planning 
Committee in Elhert County, Clark has spearheaded efforts to promote 
educational and community-wide activities that honor the memory or Dr. 
King. Clark also prepared, presented and received approval for her 
proposal to the school hoard to include African American History in the 
curriculum. Mrs. Clark is a member or Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 
- Iota Psi Omega Chapter, Elbert County Voters League and the Joint 
Finance Board - Sixth Episcopal District CME Church. Clark currently 
chairs the SSUNAA National Awards Committee and coordinated the 
alumni association's successful Band Uniform Fund Campaign. Mrs. 
Clark was selected by her peers as the 1998-99 Teacher or the Year and 
is a 1998 recipient or National Association for the Equal Opportunity in 
Higher Education (NAFEO) Distinguished Alumni Award. 

ley Award 

gobn 9tiell Clark, Ssq. 

Atty. John M. Clark, born in Maxey, GA, is a 1975 graduate or 
Savannah State majoring in Criminal Justice. As a student he served as 
Chief Justice and Student Government President. Clark attended law 
school at Southern University in Louisiana and was Southern's first law 
graduate to pass the Georgia Bar Examination. Atty. Clark is a Lire 
Member or Savannah State University National Alumni Association and 
has served two terms as national president. Clark's service to the 
community spans over his entire adult lire as he continues to be active in 
several organizations and serve on numerous boards. He has received 
various accolades including The Grace Towns Hamilton Leadership 
Award, presented by the GA Legislative Black Caucus, SSUNAA 
Alumnus or the Year, American Jurisprudence Excellence, John H. 
Rucker (NAACP) Award, Scottish Rite Mason Outstanding Citizen 
Award, Athens Human Relations Council Award for Excellence in 
Human Relations, Who's Who in Georgia, American Cancer Society 
Merit Award, NAFEO's Distinguished Alumnus Award and a service 
award from Boy Scouts or America - Northeast Georgia Council. Clark 
owns his own law firm and is the City Attorney ror Bowman, Georgia. 
He is General Counsel or NAACP for Georgia, Second Vice President 
ror the State Conference Branch and President-elect or Georgia Alliance 
or African American Attorneys (GAAAA). 

The President's Award 

Leonard Jenkins, Jr. is a native or Savannah, Georgia and received his 
B.S. Degree rrom Savannan State in 1970. Mr. Jenkins is the owner, 
president and CEO or Elite Starring Services, an independently owned 
rull service, permanent and temporary starring rirm headquartered in 
Atlanta. Tne rirm is in its fifteenth year or operation in tne Atlanta 
metropolitan area. Elite Starring was recently recognized as one or tne 
top small businesses in tne Metro Atlanta area for its growth and revenue 
generation. Jenkins' professional endeavors consist or more than twenty- 
two years or human resources and management experience in the fields or 
hanking resort operations, academia and research. He is active with the 
National Urban Leagues Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP), 
Leadership Atlanta, Mental Health Association or Metro Atlanta and is 
a member or the Board or Directors ror the Atlanta Business League, 
Atlanta Furniture Bank and the Entrepreneurial Development Institute 
(TEDI). Jenkins has established and maintains a Book Scholarship Fund 
at Savannah State University. A Lire Member or the Savannah State 
University National Alumni Association, Jenkins was named a 1998 
recipient or NAFEO's Distinguished Alumni Award. 

Felicia Anderson Bell Hinesville, Georgia 

Aaron R. E. Bishop Columbia, South Carolina 

*Monica Lettye Ann Ceaser Valdosta, Georgia 

Tempie KaSandra Mathew Riceboro, Georgia 

Jennifer Denyse McCord Riverdale, Georgia 

Marilyn McFarlin-Johnson Savannah, Georgia 

Eric Norman Lincolnton, Georgia 

Phyllis LaSan Oliver Warner Robins, Georgia 

Recreation anb J^ark &bmini£tration 

Jerimie Snell .Columbus, Georgia 

Criminal 3fu£tice 


Tori Deavon Aikens McRae, Georgia 

Clarissa Michelle Anderson Waycross, Georgia 

Susan NTasha Barge Atlanta, Georgia 

Cederic Danforth.. Wadley, Georgia 

Marcie Tresette Doward Columbus, Georgia 

Dell Waters Gary. Savannah, Georgia 

Riccardo Cornelius Greene Sylvester, Georgia 

Jon Wesley Howard Savannah, Georgia 

Shaniqua Montrice Hutchinson Woodbine, Georgia 

Marcus W. Jones..... ...Augusta, Georgia 

Marcus T. McMullen Savannah, Georgia 

Felicia Doniece Mincey Glennville, Georgia 

Jason L Morrison Savannah, Georgia 

*lsia Denise Orr Savannah, Georgia 

Derrick Alexander Parker Georgetown, South Carolina 

LakishaTraci Powell Savannah, Georgia 

Carolyn Cas'Sandre' Robinson Americus, Georgia 

Rogenia Roosevelt-Albertha Savage ..Savannah, Georgia 

Tracy Angela Smith Savannah, Georgia 

Sherry Alicia Stevens Savannah, Georgia 

Gerald E.Thomas Savannah, Georgia 

*Althea Maxine Thompson Troy, Alabama 

Charles Edward Tobler, Jr Jacksonville, Florida 

April LaFreida Goodman Torres Allenhurst, Georgia 

Billy G. Turmon, Jr Conley, Georgia 

Phyllis Ann Wallace ...Savannah, Georgia 

Jacqueline Smith Williams ...Savannah, Georgia 




Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 



political Science 

Tonyour Bolden Savannah, Georgia 

Cynthia Elaine Greene Savannah, Georgia 

Andre Brown Hamilton Savannah, Georgia 

Lavell Ruth Marion Savannah, Georgia 

Aldrith Laval Oxendine Gerogetown, South Carolina 

Brian Corwin Reese Savannah, Georgia 

Corey Donell Robinson Gadsden, South Carolina 

William T. L Simmons Beaufort, South Carolina 


Carolyn Denise Corbin Macon, Georgia 

Albert Dryer, Sr Savannah, Georgia 

**Joan Spann Knight Savannah, Georgia 

Karen Sue Norris Savannah, Georgia 

NaTasha Evette Patterson Macon, Georgia 

**Tanya Yolanda Torrence Hinesville, Georgia 

Franchesca Love Washington Savannah, Georgia 

Social Wovk 

Stephanie Yvette Brown Savannah, Georgia 

Kendra Caprice Carter Savannah, Georgia 

Monica Frazier-Daughty Savannah, Georgia 

Thomas Raphael Hall Savannah, Georgia 

Patrice LaRay Hightower Dawson, Georgia 

Brenda L. Jackson Savannah, Georgia 

Vanassa Louise Jones Savannah, Georgia 

Irma Jean Maxwell Savannah, Georgia 

Thomasina Renee Mills Washington, Georgia 

*KenyattaT. Nixon Americus, Georgia 

*Constance Anita Nunnally. Savannah, Georgia 

LaCharm M. Reliford Macon, Georgia 

Dawn Linette Robinson Savannah, Georgia 

Vonetta Lorraine Scott Savannah, Georgia 

Shaundra Deneen Smith Savannah, Georgia 

Tujuana Shaw Taylor Savannah, Georgia 

*Josephine Wyne Savannah, Georgia 



Nicole Teresa Baldwin Warner Robins, Georgia 

Merika Burke Savannah, Georgia 

*** Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 

Nltosha Swelise Carter Jacksonville, Florida 

Frankie Theodore Cummings Savannah, Georgia 

**Angela Juanita David Savannah, Georgia 

Mercredi Giles Savannah, Georgia 

*Charnessa Renee Grace .Rochelle, Georgia 

Brian Keith Humphrey Savannah, Georgia 

KetaryaD. Hunt Macon, Georgia 

Marlon Marquet Lang Savannah, Georgia 

Tarenza La France Mathis-Perez Savannah, Georgia 

Tamara Rochelle Moore Colorado Springs, Colorado 

*Shana DaLynn Murphy. Savannah, Georgia 

Frances Anita Mydell Rincon, Georgia 

Vanessa Pierce Midville, Georgia 

LaSonya Monica Scott Richmond Hill, Georgia 

Celandra A. Thrasher Smith Athens, Georgia 

Tiffany MaRhonda Steward Savannah, Georgia 

Ronnie Christopher Taylor Savannah, Georgia 

Charita Wilcox McRae, Georgia 

*Miya Tiyon Wilkerson Claxton, Georgia 

Mont ega LaVinci Wood Rome, Georgia 

*Edward George Wright II Ailey, Georgia 

ptologp Cimcatton 
*PamelaB. Harrington Savannah, Georgia 

JWarine ptologp 

Nicole Desirnee Barksdale Clarkston, Georgia 

Algene Denise Byrum Savannah, Georgia 

Damien Christian Danavall Stone Mountain, Georgia 

***Dwight Andre' Ebanks Miramar, Florida 

Christopher Teeple Hill Savannah, Georgia 

Monique Natrisha Hill Jamaica, New York 

CaTiaSeandai Jackson Orangeburg, South Carolina 

*Kerstin June Kneier Monroe, Georgia 

**Steven Donald Payne Norcross, Georgia 

**Tamica Jacqueline Rhaming Nassau, Bahamas 

Koji F. Wright Nassau, Bahamas 

environmental ^>tubtesJ 

*William Pernell Johnson Bainbridge, Georgia 

Mustafa Bilal Muhammed Savannah, Georgia 

*Melanie Sylve St. Mary's, Georgia 

Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 



Karen LaWuan Garvin Ridgeland, South Carolina 

Africa Wanda Hodge Savannah, Georgia 

Tami Terell Smith Savannah, Georgia 

Shayne Dione Weems Decatur, Georgia 

Desiree'Anjonette Young Savannah, Georgia 


Chadasi Kemadi Betterson Savannah, Georgia 

LaQuita RoShawn Chandler Attapulgus, Georgia 

Lamont Henry Thunderbolt, Georgia 

D'Angelo Romaine Holsey Atlanta, Georgia 

Natasha Teresa Hunter Decatur, Georgia 

Ronald Q.Jones Statesboro, Georgia 

Juan Maurice Michael Savannah, Georgia 

*Keisha Lachum Owens Decatur, Georgia 

Robert Randall IV. Savannah, Georgia 

***VerLynda Nicole Slaughter Savannah, Georgia 

Chemical engineering CecFjnologp 

*Brian Rinaldo Gordon Fitzgerald, Georgia 

(Electronic* engineering QCecIjnologp 

*Janiqwa Dejuanya Gentry Savannah, Georgia 

NaTasha Tameika Miller Macon, Georgia 

Deltrinee Shondrail Owens Seattle, Washington 

*Moses Jermaine Roberts Savannah, Georgia 

*Robert Allan Russell Stone Mountain, Georgia 

**Anthony Jerome Sanders Savannah, Georgia 

*James Thomas Toomey. Savannah, Georgia 

JfWecJjanical engineering QTecjmologp 

Deborah Renee Harper Albany, Georgia 

Salah Mahmound Sadiq Kuwait 

Computer Science Qterijnologp 

Kenneth David Austin Decatur, Georgia 

Daniel Y. Inyang Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

*Tajmina I. Karry Atlanta, Georgia 

Colesha LaShana Maddox Athens, Georgia 

**Jerome Bernard Neal, Jr Stone Mountain, Georgia 

*** Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 

Lenard Tyrone Robinson ....Jacksonville, Florida 

Jgiologp anb CJjemisitrp 

**LourdesA. Smith Pennill Savannah, Georgia 

Computer Science QEeclmologp anb jfWatljematic* 

***Kesha Tarallel Hill Decatur, Georgia 

Leonard Lamar Welch Waycross, Georgia 

Computer engineering Qtedjnologp 

Colesha LaShana Maddox Athens, Georgia 

Dung Hung Phan Savannah, Georgia 

*Moses Jermaine Roberts ...Savannah, Georgia 

Lenard Tyrone Robinson Jacksonville, Florida 

Robert Allan Russell Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Leonard Lamarr Welch. Waycross, Georgia 

NOTE: Appearance of a name on any list in this program must not be considered 
as conclusive evidence of graduation. Persons who have met all requirements for 
a particular degree and whose names appear on the lists in this program will 
receive the degree indicated. 

Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude !ln Absentia 

potior (©rabuate* 
£s>umma Cum laube (3.75 - 4.00) 

Maria Vannesa Alfaro-Sutlive 
Dwight Andre'Ebanks 
Sharlene N. Gardiner 
Kesha Tarallel Hill 

Robert John Skiljan 

VerLynda Nicole Slaughter 

Debra Watts Smoak 

Jane Waithera 

jUlagna Cum Haube (3.40 - 3.74) 

Patricia Ann Carey 
Angela Juanita David 
Elizabeth Mclntyre Fitzgerald 
Karen LaWuan Garvin 
Anthony Jerome Goethe 
Cythnia Elaine Greene 
Jocelyn Vanessa Hamilton 
Joan Spann Knight 
Joey S. Martin 
Jerome Bernard Neal, Jr. 

Seleta Danyette Owens 

Steven Donald Payne 

Nikita Nanalta Pearson 

Lourdes A. Smith Pennill 

Lakisha Traci Powell 

Tamica Jacqueline Rahming 

Anthony Jerome Sanders 

Kristin Alain Schmid 

Edward Joseph Stewart 

Tanya Y. Torrence 

Cum Haube (3.00 - 3.39) 

Clarissa Michelle Anderson 
Jacqueline Lynette Bowen 
Cheryl Wesley Cato 
Monica Lettye Ann Ceasar 
April Denise Drayton 
Janiqua Dejuanya Gentry 
Brian Rinaldo Gordon 
Charnessa Renee Grace 
Pamela B. Harrington 
William Purnell Johnson 
Tajmina I. Karry 
Kerstin June Kneier 
Shana Dalynn Murphy 
Kenyatta T. Nixon 
Eric Norman 
Constance Anita Nunnally 

Isia Denise Orr 

Keisha Lachum Ownes 

Aldrith Laval Oxendine 

Moses Jermaine Roberts 

Robert Allan Russell 

Tracie Louise Singleton 

Melanie Sylve 

Althea Maxine Thompson 

James Thomas Toomey 

April LaFreida Goodman Torres 

Deirdre Natasha Vernon 

Vanessa E. Wallace-Lonon 

Miya Tiyon Wilkerson 

Anitra Ellene Williams 

Edward George Wright J I 

Josephine Wyne 

Clje i§>tgntftcance of tlje &cabemtc Jftlace 

CJ)e Significance of QCJie Scabemic jfWace 

Observing the centuries-old convocation procedures, each Marshal in the Savannah State 
University Academic Procession carries an official mace which is indicative of the power, dignity, and 
magisterium vested in the University. The mace is a club-shaped staff which originated in the Middle 
Ages as a weapon. Eventually, it gained a ceremonial character and is presently employed most 
often by legislative forums and academic enterprises. 

The official mace of Savannah State University was designed and made from mahogany 
wood by Dr. Ernest S. Brown, Retired Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Technology. Dr. Lester B. 
Johnson, Retired Head of Department of Engineering Technology, designed and built the Mace Stand. 

The University motto is " Lux Et Veritas" ("Light and Truth"). 

S3cabemic Costume* 

Modern academic dress, has evolved from a type of apparel prescribed by English Medieval 
Universities to distinguish their schools from the lay person in dress at a time when everybody wore 
robes or gowns. When American colleges and universities desired to adopt some suitable system of 
academic apparel a half century ago, it seemed best to agree on some definite system which all 
might follow. Accordingly, this attire has consisted of the cap, the gown, and the hood, the latter two 
now differing according to the degree the wearer has received. 

The modern cap, in academic dress, has the same design for all degrees: black and 
square-shaped with a tassel hanging from the center. However, the color of the tassel usually 
differentiates the field of study for which the degree was granted, the gold tassel being worn by 
doctors or by presidents of colleges and universities; but it may be added that the black tassel is 
correct for all degrees. 

The gown, unlike the cap, differs appreciably in design according to the degree conferred 
on the wearer. The gown for the bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves. It is designed to be worn 
closed. The gown for the master's degrees, worn open or closed, has an oblong sleeve, open at the 
wrist, like the others. The sleeve base hangs down in the traditional manner. The rear part of its oblong 
shape is square cut, and the front part has an arc cut away. The doctor's gown, worn open or closed, 
has long sleeves faced with velvet; three bars of velvet are midway the sleeves. The trimmings of the 
doctor's gown may be black or the color associated with the field of study. 

The hood, while not an article of dress, is however, the most distinctive feature of the 
academic attire. It is a black, crow-shaped badge or adornment with an oval opening and worn 
down the back. It enables one to quickly determine not only the degree held by the wearer but also 
the college or university from which he is graduated. The colors lining the hood and the size and the 
shape of the hood make this distinction. The bachelor's and master's hoods are three feet and three 
and a half feet in length, respectively; the doctor's hood is four feet in length and is made with a wide 
panel. Hoods may be worn for only those degrees actually held by the wearers. 

Members of the governing body of a college or university, and they only, whatever their 
degrees may be, are entitled to wear doctor's gowns (with black velvet), but their hoods may be onJy 
those of degrees actually held by the wearers or those especially prescribed for them by the 

In some colleges and universities, it is customary for the president, chancellor, or chief officer 
to wear a costume similar to that worn by the head of a foreign university. 

The chief marshal may wear a specially designed costume approved by the institution. 

For all academic purposes, including trimmings of doctor's gowns, edging of hoods, and 
tassels of caps, the color associated with different subjects as prescribed by the revised American 
Intercollegiate Code is as follows: 

Arts, Letters, Humanities White Oratory (Speech) Silver Gray 

Business Drab Philosophy Dark Blue 

Economics Copper Physical Education Sage Green 

Education Light Blue Public Administration.... Peacock Blue 

Law Purple Science Golden Yellow 

Library Science Lemon Social Work Citron 

Music Pink Theology Scarlet 

At Savannah State University, the lining of the hood has an orange chevron on a blue 
background to represent school colors. A faculty member wears the color of his alma mater.